As a former high school All-American athlete, Robert Stevenson is a proven performer, both on and off the field. Robert excelled in many sports in high school, receiving varsity letters in football, basketball and track for three consecutive years. From over 100 scholarship offers he chose to attend Georgia Tech on a full athletic football scholarship. He was a three-year letterman at Tech, playing in both the Liberty and Peach Bowls. Robert readily gives credit for his success in business to the life lessons he learned on the football field.

"I believe that my experiences in the athletic arena helped immensely in preparing me for the challenges I would face in the business arena and life as well. In the world of sports you are only as good as your next game, event, or match. You can't rest on your laurels. There is always some 'fired up rookie' or veteran waiting to take your job away from you. In the world of business it's just the same. Your customer is happy you have taken care of them before, but you better keep on taking care of them. You can be assured that the moment you don't, your competition is ready to step right in."

To be successful in football or in business, one must understand the importance of and be able to excel in a cooperative team environment. No matter how good the individual, the weight of excellence can be crushing, whereas it is easy to bear when it is spread across the shoulders of the team.

Robert speaks about the importance of being prepared for the unexpected, the importance of remaining dedicated and persistent in the face of challenges; and the importance of courage in overcoming failure. His audiences appreciate the candor in his stories, stories that they can identify with, stories that are real.

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