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Nothing Happens Without a Sale

August 19, 2023

by Robert Stevenson

One of the biggest mistakes any company makes is not educating everyone in their organization that they are “ALL” involved in SALES. Nothing happens without sales being made … nothing! Great customer service helps bring customers back … but so many people in companies feel that because they may not have any direct contact with a customer, client, patron, consumer, (whatever it is you want to call them) then they have nothing to do with sales.

Attention Getter

March 12, 2023

by Robert Stevenson

I recently did a program on How to GRAB the Attention of Clients and Prospects. Here are a few points from that talk. According to the top advertising agencies in the world you’ve got 3 seconds to grab their attention. You scroll through your… Emails, Facebook feed, Today’s news, Tweets, Pins, Ads, Pics, and Videos … drowning in a sea of soundbites and thumbnails and headline after headline, page after page of information and ideas, until… suddenly, YOU stop scrolling. WHY! You hit that headline, that image, that quote that really speaks to YOU. You’re drawn into this piece of content and before you know it, you've consumed an entire email, article, blog, or post.

What Makes You Stand Out ?

July 31, 2022

by Robert Stevenson

When I deal with the sales team of any organization, there is one specific question I like to ask that will tell me how skilled the salesperson is and how good their sales training has been. I ask the question in a private setting, just the two of us. Here is the question:

The Pick-up Line

July 16, 2022

by Robert Stevenson

In the world of dating, a successful “pick-up line” can make or break any chance of getting to strike up a conversation with someone you would like to meet. Below are a few examples of what some people thought were great "pick-up lines".

Words Make a Difference

March 27, 2022

by Robert Stevenson

Highly successful people know, that before speaking, they need to consider the purpose behind their words. A little thought before we speak will make our words have more meaning and be more effective. I don’t care what your objective is … to help, persuade, inspire, teach, or sell … whatever your intentions are, choose your words wisely. Here are 6 words/phrases you should avoid saying. They detract from your ability to make a point, your desire to continue a productive dialogue or they may simply offend the listener. 

You Only Have 3 Seconds

October 4, 2020

by Robert Stevenson

I was asked to produce a keynote for a client on Maintaining Relationships in a Virtual Environment. Now is the time to connect with your customers like never before, not separate from them. Even in this pandemic environment, your business can still flourish if you are willing to try a new approach and not pull back on your marketing.

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