Mr. Stevenson recognizes that his clients have set goals and objectives and understand the needs of their audience far better than he does.

Clients usually begin by reviewing some of his standard programs. Afterwards, the clients talk with Robert, taking time to thoroughly discuss expectations for the seminar. At this point Robert prepares a completely customized program suited to meet those specific expectations. As a result, many programs will blend several topics, each critical to achieving the desired outcomes of the client; this is what keeps his seminars so informative and on point to client expectations. With Robert Stevenson, there is no such thing as a 'canned' program.

Below is a list of the most requested programs. For more information about any programs, simply visit the pages listed below for a more detailed description. For information about a custom program, please contact Robert directly

  • Team Building

    I’ve Got Your Back

  • Sales

    The Answers to Successful Selling are all Four Letter Words

  • Communication

    The Single Most Important Skill Determining Your Success in Life

  • Success

    Essential Habits for Success

  • Innovation

    Riding a New Wave to Success

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