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I have conducted many programs over the years on change, with my favorite program title being, “If You Don’t Like Change – You are Going to Hate Extinction.” I warn, I harp, I plead, I caution, I alert … I hope people are listening because, even though the program title is funny, it is also very true.

 The Ripple Effects of Kindness

February 18, 2024

by Robert Stevenson

Real, sincere, genuine kindness rests within the gesture of giving with NO expectations of getting anything in return for yourself. Furthermore, kindness is a universal language that promotes understanding and tolerance while promoting harmony and cooperation.

Beware of Opinions

February 26, 2023

by Robert Stevenson

A while back I read an article about a person that I had recently met and worked with several months prior. This individual is at the top of his profession, and everyone wants to know “The Secret”, “The Magic”, or “The Formula” to his success. He is inundated with requests for interviews, but unfortunately, he has very little time for them. He relented to a request for a feature article that allowed the writer access to him over several weeks.

A Bad Boss

February 19, 2023

by Robert Stevenson

It seems crazy to spend so much money properly training employees only to run them off with a BAD BOSS. A boss has an incredible influence over the employee experience. We’ve all heard the phrase “employees leave bosses, not companies.” Well, it’s true. In fact, 57% of employees leave their jobs because of their boss and 82% leave because of lack of recognition. Those are horrific statistics.

The Shame of Blame

February 5, 2023

by Robert Stevenson

The definition of blame is to “place the responsibility for a fault, error, etc.” The problem in some companies today is most of their so-called leaders put the majority of their effort in casting blame on others rather than finding a solution. I once heard a comedian say, “The secret of success is knowing who to blame for your failures.”

Thank You, Anonymous

February 13, 2022

by Robert Stevenson

I am always looking for great quotes, saying, or statements to help reinforce my message and I think it is important to give credit to those who shared their brilliance. Unfortunately, I often come across wise words of wisdom that have been credited to that famous person … “ANONYMOUS.”

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